The City of Auburn offers a wide variety of entertainment venues, shopping opportunities, and places to just hang out and smell the roses.

Auburn Arts & Entertainment

artsAuburn is a center for the arts in South King County – its creative and diverse community results in an unusual mix of urban sophistication and small-town hospitality. Auburn is home to several prominent arts organizations. Quality performances attract people region-wide to state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor theaters while local galleries and public art grace the entire city.
Auburn is able to boast a wide assortment of art galleries, public art, cinema, theaters, museums and a wide array of choices in-between for whatever you may want to do. If you want to see horse racing we have that too. Motor racing no problem. Want a little Vegas we have that too.

Auburn's most interesting aspect is its creative and diverse arts community. With an unusual mix of urban sophistication and small-town hospitality it is truly a town with flavor. Quality performances of art and theater attract people from all over the region to partake in unique atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more.

Auburn Recreation & Sports

recAuburn boasts an extensive system of parks, open space and urban trails, many of them with spectacular views of Mount Rainier. There are almost 30 developed parks, over 23 miles of trails (incorporating Auburn’s 4.5 mile portion of the Interurban Trail for bikers, walkers, runners and skaters), and almost 247 acres of open space for outdoor recreation. Other local outdoor facilities include a multitude of sports facilities for Baseball, Softball, Soccer, etc. If professional sports are your thing then Seattle has professional baseball, soccer and football teams that are a light rail ride away without having to worry about parking or fees in Seattle.

Regional Attractions

regAside from the wide variety of things to do in Auburn itself, the city is a gateway to world-class attractions to the north, south, east and west. Auburn is within easy reach of all sorts of activities; visitors can hike, bike, fish, ski and white water raft; visit museums, enjoy Seattle, and experience the best of Western Washington.

Auburn’s close proximity to Mount Rainer is something that every serious outdoorsman should take opportunity of. Mount Rainer is close to Auburn and is home to some of the best trails and views on the West Coast that you should not pass up. Nearby is also a great multitude of other State and National parks that are home to a large variety of different activities and experiences. Ski and snow parks are open as long as winter permits in the mountain areas as well. If the outdoors are not your forte there are many other activities to take advantage of; Auburn has much to offer in its area but if you want to branch out and see Seattle and Olympia then Auburn is a great stepping off place.

Unique Shopping

shopAuburn is host to a wide assortment of shopping destinations from premium big stores to unique boutiques for all ages and all types. The Outlet Collection has a plethora of outlet collections from the Nike Factory store to Coach. With over 140 different national brand stores to choose from, it has something for everyone.

If name brand stores are not your thing Auburn is host to boutique stores and many unique local retail stores such as Proper British Bacon, a traditional butcher, to Costal Farm and Ranch. Auburn is also host to an international farmers market during the summer months that has a little of something from everywhere on the globe. It is the perfect place to pick up something that you won’t find anywhere else. If you are interested in something specific, check our links to the right from our local business partners.